Tuesday, April 14, 2015


MWD panel OKs water allocation cuts; board vote today

MWD buys water from Northern California and the Colorado River and sells it to 26 water districts across Southern California and San Diego County. METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT


MWD board restricts wholesale water deliveries; 15% cuts
to begin July 1

KPCC Public Radio

A board committee for Southern California's largest water wholesaler has voted to cut the amount of supplies it'll sell to its member cities as a result of the worsening drought. If the proposal is approved by the full board of the Metropolitan Water Districts today, cities supplied by the agency will get 15 percent less water than they've requested for the coming year.


Rainless summer to dry up drinking water supplies

Circle of Blue

Communities in California's seared Central Valley and arid mountain foothills are expected to end this year's rainless summer with drinking water supplies so tight they may give out by September. The work to develop new water supplies and use existing water resources in new ways is testing California's resolve and is steadily evolving into dramatic political battles.


'Fab Five' kids come up with a water-saving idea

Fresno Bee

Drought-plagued Fresno may soon get a lot smarter about its use of water thanks to a handful of local sixth-graders with a passion for learning. The kids' plan: Boost conservation by giving every Fresno water customer a way to digitally track daily consumption.

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