Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Water agenda

House Republicans reopen bidding on California bill

The provisions included in the 82-page energy and water bill are a familiar wish list, largely reflecting previous California water legislative packages that have failed to clear Congress over the past four years. There are some differences, though.


House Republicans intent on storing more California water and redirecting it to farms have resurrected some familiar and controversial ideas, this time as part of a must-pass spending bill. The provisions, including a freeze on an ambitious San Joaquin River restoration program and mandated pumping from the Delta, are folded into a fiscal 2017 energy and water appropriations bill.


San Joaquin River, tributaries on 'endangered' list

Modesto Bee

The San Joaquin River and its three main tributaries ranked second on a list of “endangered” streams in an annual report released Tuesday by American Rivers. Water demand from farms and cities has sapped the San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers, the report says.


Arsenic-free drinking water heads to Tulare town

KVPR Fresno

Many Central Valley residents struggle to access drinking water — some don't have enough, while others face contamination. Now, a new law allows the state to step in and help those in need. In its first success story, the law didn't just bring water to a community in Tulare County; it helped end a standoff with a neighboring city.

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