Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Valley dry

As drought eases, rural areas still lack running water

When the wells run dry. YALE CLIMATE CONNECTIONS

Yale Climate Connections


Gov. Jerry Brown has declared an end to California's 5-year-long drought and emergency water restrictions have been lifted for most Californians, but not all. While the deep snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is easing drought concerns for much of the state, in some of the hardest-hit areas in the rural Central Valley there are still thousands of people living without any running water. Listen to NPR's Kirk Siegler's report from Porterville.


Understanding water rights just got a little easier

Water Deeply

It is notoriously difficult to access and interpret information on water rights. Water Sage, a new web-based service now offered in California, aims to take the sting out of this task for individuals and institutions. The system enables users to tap into all of a state's surface water rights, groundwater wells, measurement gauges, land use and ownership — all on a map-based interface.


Colorado, Bear rivers lead endangered waters list

National Geographic

Water is life, yet climate change and certain public policies may be endangering its future in America, a nonprofit group warns in a new report. The lower Colorado River and Bear River in Nevada County top the annual list. Other rivers on the list include the South Fork Skykomish in Washington; the Mobile Bay River in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi; and the Rappahannock River in Virginia.