Monday, April 10, 2017

What's next?

Celebrating the end of the drought will be short-lived

Brandon Arthur, 10, crawls out of the muddy tailings left by his father Steve Arthur's water well drill site in Terra Bella. BOB CHAMBERLIN / Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Water Deeply

Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order Friday that formally declared the drought emergency over in most of the state, except for Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Tuolumne counties. But the drought had its upsides, such as the development of a legacy of conservation and efficiency. The state also released a long-term framework that builds on a 2016 executive order, B-37-16, Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life.


How 'incompetent rock' led to Oroville Dam crisis

KQED San Francisco

Engineers at Oroville Dam are drilling cores and conducting geological studies, hoping to better understand February's near-catastrophic spillway failures. Much of the rock those spillways relied upon is "weathered," the more fractured rock that is decomposing from long exposure to the elements. Engineers call that "incompetent rock."


Drought and floods are over — and just beginning

California Water Blog

California is a land of extremes – where preparation must be constant and eternal. After wondering for years if the drought would end, it is over — even as some impacts to forests, fish populations and groundwater levels will persist. What should we have learned (or re-learned) from this decade's dance with extremes?