Friday, April 10, 2015

Rethinking water

State faces 'Dust Bowl' conditions, permanent change

'Dire circumstances' for water supply. CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO

Capital Public Radio

Los Angeles Times

With slew of statistics projected on the slideshow behind him, California's state climatologist had a stark warning during a Thursday presentation on the severity of the drought. "You’re looking on numbers that are right on par with what was the Dust Bowl," the climatologist said. The presentation was part of a briefing organized by the Association of California Water Agencies and attended by top state officials.


Farmers mount PR campaign to counter backlash

Sacramento Bee

When Gov. Jerry Brown announced his unprecedented water use reduction order last week, California farmers were largely spared. They quickly developed another problem: Bad PR. At issue was the apparent disconnect between Brown’s focus on urban water use and the fact that agriculture – not cities or towns – accounts for roughly 80 percent of all water used by people in California.


Drought encourages do-it-yourself water recycling

Bay Area News Group

A Dublin man figured he had to do something out of the ordinary to save his brown front lawn in a second year of water rationing. So he turned to his local sewage plant. He started trucking in reclaimed water from the plant that is the first in California to dispense free recycled effluent, or treated sewage, to do-it-yourselfers.

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