Friday, April 8, 2016

Untapped potential

Recycled water takes root as a Silicon Valley resource

Besides San Jose's treatment plant, there are three others – in Gilroy/Morgan Hill, Sunnyvale and Palo Alto – that produce recycled water for purple pipe systems. KQED San Francisco


KQED San Francisco

The concept of reusing water in Silicon Valley is not new. More than 150 miles of purple pipes, the designated color for pipes carrying recycled water, criss-cross the region. Some cities have incentives to encourage water reuse and an "advanced water purification center" in San Jose is able to treat wastewater to drinking water standards – yet the region still has an incredible amount of untapped potential.


New water standards: See how your district fares

State Water Board & Maven's Notebook

As allowed by the February 2016 Emergency Regulation for Statewide Urban Water Conservation, many urban water suppliers have new conservation standards effective March 1. The State Water Board posted two documents that detail the new standards.


State agencies, island owner battle over wetland

Bay Area News Group

On a tiny spit of land just north of Pittsburg, John Sweeney is fighting government bureaucrats to realize a dream. He says he's saving wetlands; they say he's destroying them. While some call it an isolated incident, others argue that the state's stance could have implications throughout the Suisun Marsh and the vast network of Delta islands.

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