Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tumblin' down

Feds, states move to demolish 4 Klamath River dams

The dam removal proposal would be a major victory for tribal leaders who support river restoration and water flow initiatives to help salmon they rely on for subsistence and ceremony. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


L.A. Times, Sacramento Bee & Eureka Times-Standard

California, Oregon and a private utility Wednesday signed an agreement that could finally take down four hydroelectric dams that block salmon migrations on the Klamath River. The pact spells out a road map for the dams' demolition without congressional approval. The announcement is being met with both cheers and boos. Gov. Jerry Brown called the dams' removal a victory for the environment and migratory fish.


Changes likely for Brown's water-saving rules

Visalia Times-Delta

Gov. Jerry Brown announced changes this week to his emergency order to reduce domestic water use throughout California. Those changes included a program intended to ease off some of the mandated water-reduction goals for communities having trouble meeting the previous goals set by the state, as well as to give credit to communities and water systems able to generate additional water.


More water, no transfers despite SoCal shortage

Chico Enterprise-Record

The unequal distribution of water continues as state and federal water leaders allocate surface water supply. In Northern California, some landowners expect 100 percent water allocations. But it's more hit and miss south of the Delta. Folks might think this would lead to many north-to-south water transfers. However, that's not the case.

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