Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sooo close

State just misses meeting water conservation mandate

Californians save 1.19 million acre-feet of water, enough to supply nearly 6 million people for a year. STATE WATER BOARDS

State Water Boards

Los Angeles Times & Sacramento Bee

After nine months of conservation, drought-fatigued Californians narrowly missed meeting the water-savings target set by Gov. Jerry Brown a year ago. All told, urban water districts cut water use from June to February by 23.9 percent, compared to 2013. Water conservation slipped in February, when savings reached just 12 percent, the fifth consecutive month shy of Brown's target.


Water-saving rules to ease, nobody's off the hook

Mercury News

Poised to ease California's mandatory drought rules after rebounding rain and snow levels this winter, state water officials on Monday made it clear that — even where reservoirs are 100 percent full — no community is likely to get an entirely free pass from conservation targets this summer.


Pilots 'seed' clouds, fight drought from the sky

San Francisco Chronicle

Two airmen have made about three dozen flights from Modesto to the high country in recent months, "seeding" clouds so they'll produce more snow. The end goal is more water for drought-stricken reservoirs that provide not only for the communities of the Central Valley, but also for the Bay Area.

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