Monday, April 4, 2016

Drought's pattern

Study: California moving toward more extreme weather

Trinity Lake is a mere shadow of its former self, since drought arrived. USGS


San Jose Mercury News

Stanford researchers who studied trends in the atmospheric circulation patterns that affect California's rainfall have found that conditions linked to the hot, dry weather during our latest drought have become more frequent in recent years, according to research published Friday. That means that while this year's El Niño-driven storms may have brought temporary relief, we can expect more frequent droughts in the decades ahead.


Valley's irrigation supplies: Near-normal to dismal

Modesto Bee

The 2016 irrigation season is rolling out on these warm April days with close-to-normal supplies in parts of the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Elsewhere, the drought of the past few years has not eased much, and farmers face another year of scraping by. El Niño just didn't happen often enough, or in all of the places needing relief.


Cities team up to pursue recycled water projects

Mountain View Voice

Seeking to spur greater use of recycled water in the region, Palo Alto, Mountain View, East Palo Alto and members of the Santa Clara Valley Water District have formed a new committee that is jointly exploring a major regional project. Though the committee is new, collaboration between some of the cities goes back many years when it comes to recycled water.

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