Monday, April 3, 2017

By the numbers

Have SoCal's water supplies recovered? Depends on where you live. Here's how this year's rainfall stacks up

The amount of water in Diamond Valley Lake, which is fed by snowmelt from the Sierra Nevadas hundreds of miles away, has doubled in the last year. Andrew Cullen for KPCC


KPCC Pasadena

After five years of crippling drought, the Golden State had one of its wettest winters on record. So what has all the rain and snow meant for our water supply in Southern California? It depends on where you live and where your water comes from.


Why dam's woes could cut into water supplies

Sacramento Bee

The fractured spillway at Oroville Dam has forced the state to spend tens of millions of dollars on emergency repairs, with millions more to come. Here's another potential cost: a slice of California's water supply.


Melting snowpack, sinking land threaten Valley

Fresno Bee

It's a race against time this spring as water roars out of Central California's dams and rumbles its way to the lowest-lying areas of the western San Joaquin Valley, communities where land is collapsing and water channels are growing more unstable.