Friday, April 3, 2015

'Change is hard'

Most cities, districts have a long way to go to hit target

Reservoir levels offer little relief. BAY AREA NEWS GROUP

Bay Area News Group

San Jose Mercury News

California’s cities and water districts have a long way to go to cut water use by 25 percent, the amount Gov. Jerry Brown is now demanding. Last year, only 14 of the state’s 412 largest cities and water districts —just 3 percent — reduced consumption by that amount. Fines for wasting water were almost nonexistent. Those days will soon be over.


Drought could push state to rethink water strategy

Palm Springs Desert Sun

California's historic drought has thrown the state into crisis mode, but some experts hope it will force long-term improvements in how the state manages water. Some experts say that policymakers should use the current crisis to lay the groundwork for more sustainable water management.


How to convince people to save, using psychology

Pacific Standard

This is the first time in California history that officials have mandated people use less water. As Californians prepare for the cut, Pacific Standard takes a look at some of the strategies studies have found work to convince people to use less water.

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