Thursday, March 30, 2017

What drought?

Sierra snowpack at 164% ahead of final survey today

Sierra snowpack is well above average. BAY AREA NEWS GROUP

Bay Area News Group

Mercury News

As state water officials head into the Sierra Nevada today for the April 1 snowpack reading — the most important of the year for planning summer water supplies — California still has a huge amount of snow covering its highest mountain peaks, an avalanche that has buried the state's punishing drought.


See how one year's snowpack buried the drought

KQED San Francisco

It might be appropriate that California water managers designate April 1 as the date when the Sierra snowpack is presumed to be at its peak for the season. It tends to be unpredictable. But this year's bounty is no April Fool.


5 ways that climate change is affecting Stockton

Stockton Record

Climate change is back in the news this week. Politics aside, scientists have documented ways in which human-caused climate change is already affecting California and, by extension, Stockton. Here are five ways in which climate change hits home.