Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pointing fingers

Neighbors aren't doing enough to conserve, poll finds

As the California drought conitnues, the grounds at the California State Capitol are under a reduced watering program and groundskeepers have let sections of the lawn die off in an effort to use less water. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/Getty Images

S.F. Chronicle

San Jose Mercury News

Is California's drought turning us against each other? It might be, according to a new poll that finds most Californians don't believe people in their region are doing enough to conserve water. Rather than coveting thy neighbor's lawn, about two-thirds of Californians are starting to resent those verdant swards of sod, the Public Policy Institute of California found. It's an opinion shared by majorities in every region.


Legislature likely to act on drought package today

Association of California Water Agencies

The state Legislature is expected to approve emergency drought legislation today aimed at expediting $1 billion in funding for drought relief and response. The four-bill legislative package is expected to be approved in floor votes in both the Assembly and Senate just seven days after it was unveiled by Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders.


Current, past droughts detailed in new DWR report

Association of California Water Agencies

In-depth comparisons of California's most significant droughts – past and present – are detailed in a newly released report from the Department of Water Resources. The DWR report compares the severity and impacts of the state's most significant droughts, which stretched from 1929–34, 1976–77 and 1987–92.

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