Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Open debate

State lawmakers seek access to confidential well logs

The records are called well completion reports, or well logs for short. DOCUMENTCLOUD.org


Center for Investigative Reporting

It's not a secret that California is facing a groundwater crisis. But something else is: a vast repository of state records that scientists and water policy specialists say could improve our understanding of groundwater resources if they were made public. In all other western states, such reports are public and often searchable online. But in California, they are considered confidential. Many think that should change.


A candid conversation with state's 'water czar'

KQED San Francisco

There will be no "March miracle" this year. After a record-dry January, California is on track for a March that is also in record-dry territory. None of this has been lost on Felicia Marcus, who chairs the State Water Resources Control Board. When water supplies are tight, as they are now, her board is where the buck stops in arguments over who gets what.


EPA urges integrated approach by water utilities

Bloomberg BNA

Water utilities as well as federal and state regulatory agencies need to move away from a narrow "silo approach" in protecting water resources and instead consider an integrated approach for tackling wastewater, drinking water and stormwater issues with an eye toward a changing climate, the EPA chief said Monday.

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