Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Behind the build

How a 21st century dam spillway compares to Oroville's '68 structure; builders' insight on original construction

Repair work continues on the damaged main Oroville Dam spillway. KELLY M. GROW / California Department of Water Resources


Mercury News & Chico Enterprise-Record

In the nearly 50 years since the Oroville Dam was completed, construction methods have changed. A Chico State professor who consulted on the spillway project says it was well-built — for its time. Others, now in their 70s and 80s, who built the dam remember those tough days. Last week, they reminisced over the hard-working years of the past, and shared what it was like working on the tallest dam in the United States.


What new storms mean for flood control systems

Sacramento Bee

While a nearly record-breaking rainy season has battered California's dams and stretched the limits of local levees, Tuesday's storms that hit Sacramento and Northern California aren't expected to put much additional strain on the state's flood-control system. Weather forecasters say the risk of more widespread flooding from a dam breach or levee failure remains minimal.


How changing marijuana laws may affect water

Water Deeply

In November, California legalized recreational marijuana. Although complex and strict regulations still apply to growing, selling and buying marijuana, things will probably simplify over the next year. As growers line up to apply for cannabis production permits, conservationists and scientists are asking how the new era of pot production will affect the environment.