Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Open movement

State water board details proposals during 'data fair'

2016 California Water Board Data Fair



An open data movement appears to be taking hold within state government programs that manage water data. Friday, the State Water Resources Control Board hosted a standing-room-only "data fair" at CalEPA headquarters in Sacramento, where experts discussed how to move forward with data sharing, both internally and with the public. Monday, the state launched the second phase of its open data portal project.


Study highlights the benefits of recycled water

Water Technology

More widespread use of recycled water in California would bring benefits for the environment and human health, a new study just published shows. Researchers at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health compared California's water conservation efforts with two other options: banning landscape irrigation and expanding the use of alternative water sources, such as desalination and recycled water.


Recycled water system to be put to test near Tracy

San Francisco Chronicle

Occupants of 11,000 new single-family houses under construction near Tracy will be able to recycle their shower, bath, laundry and sink water on site using a system designed by Australian water engineers, one of dozens of new water technologies the White House will showcase at its big "water summit" today.

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