Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Every drop matters

State approves sweeping restrictions on water use

Even though heavy rains in December raised the level of Loch Lomond to 75% capacity, the reservoir will be closed to boater s again next summer. DAN COYRO/Santa Cruz Sentinel

Bay Area News Group

San Francisco Chronicle

California officials approved a package of far-reaching water restrictions Tuesday, that limits some homes and businesses to just two days of outdoor watering per week while cracking down on the way restaurants and hotels use water. The rules mark unprecedented territory for the state. But with California poised for a fourth year of drought and conservation lagging, officials opted for statewide action.


Drought: Options for demand-side management

Maven's Notebook

As the state enters a fourth year of drought, the calls for conservation will only grow louder and more frequent as water agencies struggle to meet customer demands. In an effort to encourage their customers to conserve, water agencies have been adopting and implementing a wide variety of programs in an effort to bring down demand. Which ones are effective?


Overpumping of groundwater creating a crisis

Los Angeles Times

A simple instrument with a weight and a pulley confirmed what hydrologist Michelle Sneed had suspected after seeing more and more dirt vanish from the base of her equipment each time she returned to her research site last summer. The tawny San Joaquin Valley earth was sinking a half-inch each month.

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