Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Water battle

Cutbacks draw flood of complaints as reservoirs rise

Storage levels for California's major reservoirs. DWR



After four years of catastrophic drought and nearly a year of mandatory water conservation measures, a growing chorus of consumers in the wetter parts of the state is calling for an end to restrictions they see as overbearing. Their argument is even winning over some of the water utilities charged with implementing the rules. March has unleashed a series of deluges that has filled many of the state's reservoirs up to and above normal levels.


Improving adaptive management in the Delta

Maven's Notebook

At the February meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, members of the Delta Independent Science Board, led by Dr. John Weins, presented their final report on adaptive management. "Adaptive management clearly is central to what is going on in the Delta," Weins said. "It figures prominently in the Delta Reform Act and it is central to the Delta Plan."


In East Bay creek, hopeful hunt for threatened fish

San Francisco Chronicle

Inspired by a rare sighting of steelhead trout, biologists and volunteers tromped Tuesday through Alameda Creek under the BART tracks in Fremont in an animated search for the fish, a federally protected species that once reigned supreme throughout the Bay Area but is now almost gone.

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