Friday, March 11, 2016

Collision course

Kill high-speed rail & spend the money on reservoirs? Proposed state ballot measure sparks intense debate

The initiative would change what’s defined as a “beneficial use” of water in the state’s constitution, prioritizing domestic use and building storage projects for irrigation over every other use. U.S. BUREAU OF RECLAMATION / CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO

Capital Public Radio

San Jose Mercury News

Supporters of a proposed ballot initiative to kill California's high-speed rail project and use the money to build new reservoirs are racing to gather enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot. But the campaign, which is being bankrolled by San Joaquin Valley farmers, is already drawing fire from fellow environmentalists and farmers, who call it a "Trojan horse."


A behind-the-scenes battle to save stormwater

Los Angeles Times

By the time Eric Batman arrived at work, a hard west wind was driving rain and hail sideways against windows. Thunder reverberated across the L.A. Basin. His job, as senior civil engineer for the county Department of Public Works, is to keep as much rain as possible from escaping to the ocean.


Sewer Slayer illustrates city's challenges, duties

Los Angeles Times

In the chaotic underworld of Costa Mesa sewers, where grease and tree roots cause havoc to seep up toward the unsuspecting masses, only the Sewer Slayer can save them. To help ratepayers, particularly children, know more about the Costa Mesa Sanitary District's day-to-day duties, a comic book-like hero teaches how the sewer system is kept running and how to avoid its downfall.

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