Monday, March 9, 2015

Tougher rules?

State officials release new drought recommendations

Percolation pond one is dry, a sign of California's drought, as seen at the Whitewater Groundwater Replenishment Facility on Aug. 6 near Palm Springs. CRYSTAL CHATHAM/Palm Springs Desert Sun

Desert Sun

Riverside Press-Enterprise

State officials are considering additional modest regulations on water use – from prohibiting irrigation within 48 hours of rain to requiring districts to report their enforcement efforts. The staff recommendations to the State Water Board were released Friday. The board will consider the proposals at its meeting March 17. Among the proposed actions: Requiring water districts to promptly notify customers when they are aware of leaks the customer can fix.


Will state de-salt the Pacific to alleviate drought?

Pacific Standard Magazine

As California enters its fourth year of drought, several cities are considering a drastic solution: Huntington Beach, Monterey, and others are thinking about building desalination plants to turn the Pacific Ocean into potable water. Getting water from the ocean may seem like an obvious idea, but nature and physics drive a hard bargain here.


Drones are the latest tool in conservation science

Sacramento Bee

When the rain finally came to Sacramento in early February, Nature Conservancy scientist Chris McColl needed to quickly assess whether water had overflowed the banks of the Cosumnes River and filled a floodplain the organization is trying to restore. Planes are expensive, and it takes hours to hire one and get it in the air. So McColl deployed a drone instead.

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