Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sinking shores

Parts of the Bay Area dropping faster than the sea rises

Berkeley and ASU researchers calculate land loss from sinking land (blue), sea level rise (yellow), and the two phenomena together (red). ROLAND BURGMANN / UC Berkeley


KQED San Francisco, California Magazine & S.F. Chronicle

If you imagine the San Francisco Bay as a bathtub, sea level rise means the bathwater is rising. A new study published Wednesday finds the tub is sinking too, and in some places, more than others. UC Berkeley researchers have cautioned that climate change-driven sea level rise will inundate much of the Bay Area’s low-lying regions, but the threat is particularly acute for landfill developments such as Treasure Island and Foster City.


Making the Delta a better place for native fishes

Orange County Coastkeeper

What happens in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta impacts nearly all of California – and Orange County is no exception. That’s why Orange County Coastkeeper commissioned Dr. Peter Moyle to research opportunities to protect this rich environmental resource, which is a vital habitat for endangered fish species and a water supply for the state.


Key players attend 2nd Kern County Water Summit

KERO Bakersfield

The second Kern County Water Summit in Bakersfield focused on the challenges in securing a safe, reliable water supply for California. The most-discussed topic was groundwater regulation; California has never had state regulation of groundwater, but water agencies up and down the state have until 2020 to come up with plans that will use groundwater more efficiently.