Thursday, March 2, 2017

March surge

A near-record Sierra snowpack at 185% of average

"It's not the record, the record being 56.4 (inches), but still a pretty phenomenal snowpack….," chief surveyor Frank Gehrke said. ACWA


San Francisco Chronicle & Los Angeles Times

With snowdrifts rising as high as several stories, water surveyors Wednesday trekked into the wintry Sierra to confirm the most snow the 400-mile-long mountain range has seen in decades. Plunging the long, metal rod into the snow beneath his feet, snow survey chief Frank Gehrke measured the snowpack not against California's historic drought but against its biggest rain in years.


Federal aid uncertain in state flood control crisis

McClatchy & Hanford Sentinel

Experts say the Oroville Dam crisis demonstrates the life-and-death urgency of federal spending to upgrade aging dams. But there are doubts that President Trump will agree. Trump told Congress he would ask for a $1 trillion package to improve infrastructure, mostly using tax credits and public-private partnerships.


PPIC report: Water stress and a changing SJ Valley

Public Policy Institute of California

The San Joaquin Valley is facing growing water stress and a number of related environmental and public health problems, according to a new report. Large parts of the Valley have become dependent on unsustainable pumping of groundwater. Tackling these linked issues with cooperative, coordinated approaches is the key to success.