Thursday, March 1, 2018

Legal waters

Delta tunnels project foes ask court to delay hearings

In court papers, opponents argue that the conduct of state officials “threatens both the property rights of millions of citizens and the environment.” via STOCKTON RECORD

Stockton Record

Stockton Record & Sacramento Bee

Delta interests will ask a judge Friday to put a stop to the twin tunnels hearings in Sacramento, alleging that improper communication has taken place between project proponents and evaluators. Sacramento and San Joaquin counties are leading a lawsuit, filed late Tuesday night, that includes more than a dozen cities, water agencies and environmentalists.


10 things you should know about big, snowy storm

KQED San Francisco

Unlike most of the storms we’ve seen this winter, which have been either warm and wet or cold but dry, this is a cold weather system that will pull in a decent amount of moisture from the Pacific and dump lots of snow — 5 feet or more at the highest elevations — throughout California’s mountains through late Saturday.


UCLA points L.A. to a path of water independence

UCLA Newsroom

Could Los Angeles shift its dependence from imported water to local water? A new report by UCLA researchers says the city could, eventually — if it does a better job of capturing local stormwater, increases its use of recycled water, cleans up its groundwater and steps up its conservation measures.