Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018

Critical checks

Governor signs bill requiring tougher dam inspections

See the inspection reports for important California dams in your region. RANDALL BENTON / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

KQED San Francisco & Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday passed in response to the Oroville spillway disaster that aims to strengthen the state’s system of dam inspections. The bill codifies practices that dam officials were largely doing, but that the Water Code only required they perform “from time to time.” DWR will be required to annually inspect the vast majority of the 1,249 dams it oversees.


San Jose to vote on ambitious new climate plan

San Jose Inside

San Jose aims to become one of the first cities in the U.S. to curb greenhouse gas emissions to the levels set in the Paris climate agreement. Today, the City Council will discuss the ambitious plan, which is outlined in a 131-page document unveiled by Mayor Sam Liccardo earlier this month.


‘Rock moisture’ spared lone forest from drought

San Francisco Chronicle

The recent drought left record numbers of trees dead and dying and vulnerable to fire in virtually every corner of California, but a dense tract of evergreen forest in Mendocino County remained wet and healthy. The reason, say the authors of a study published Monday, is that the trees are hydrating from the rock deep beneath them.