Friday, Feb. 26, 2016

Not even close

California cities miss January conservation targets by wide margin; statewide water use drops by only 17.1%

Hover over the dots to see if your district met its water saving goal. KQED San Francisco


Los Angeles Times & KQED San Francisco

When Gov. Jerry Brown called for a statewide 25 percent cut in urban water use last April, drought-weary Californians snapped quickly into compliance. But as temperatures cooled and the calendar turned to fall, conservation slowed. And on Thursday, officials said the state's cumulative water savings fell below the target for the first time in eight months of reporting.


Could El Niño turn into a big dud for California?

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento is in the peak of its rainy season, but there is no substantial rain in the forecast. The Sierra snowpack has fallen below normal levels for this time of year. The state's three largest reservoirs remain far below capacity. Whither El Niño?


Delta project to turn farmland into park, refuge

San Jose Mercury News

As part of the latest push to restore the ailing Delta, a 646-acre wheat and corn farm in Oakley is expected one day to metamorphose into a recreational and habitat oasis complete with kayak launches, hiking trails and a home for endangered species. The state's Natural Resources Agency has a goal of restoring or improving some 30,000 acres of Delta habitat in the next three years or so for its California EcoRestore initiative.

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