Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Caught off guard

San Jose had little warning of impending flood disaster

Massive amounts of water flowed into Coyote Creek over the weekend, which runs through the heart of San Jose. LOS ANGELES TIMES

LA Times

Los Angeles Times, Mercury News & KRON San Francisco

The worst flooding to hit Silicon Valley in a century left San Jose reeling and residents angry about why they were not given more warning that a disaster was imminent. Even city officials on Wednesday conceded they were caught off guard by the severity of the flooding and vowed a full investigation into what went wrong.


Drought finally over in nearly every part of state

Mercury News & Los Angeles Times

The historic drought that plagued California for five years is finally over in nearly every part of the state, federal scientists reported today. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows that 83 percent of California is now out of drought completely — the lowest level since December 2011, when the drought first began.


Why floodplains could be state's climate buffer

Water Deeply

Groundwater recharge, flood protection and wildlife habitat all depend on floodplains. But precious few floodplains are left. Now there's a new movement under way to revive them in order to ease California's dramatic swings between drought and flood.