Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018

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New water rules coming at a slow pace amid protests

Water runs off into the gutter as sprinklers spray water on the front yard of a home in Lafayette. BECK DIEFENBACH / Special to the S.F. Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

KXTV Sacramento & San Francisco Chronicle

As California skids back into drought with no significant rainfall since January, state water management officials met Tuesday to consider making water restrictions permanent. The state water board’s governing panel was scheduled to adopt the regulation on water waste, but it postponed the vote after a handful of water agencies raised concerns about the state’s authority. The board plans to review the regulation before bringing it back for a vote. No date was scheduled.


UC Santa Cruz engineer bridges the research gap

UC Santa Cruz

Three years ago, Elliott Campbell made headlines with research that suggested that existing U.S. cropland could feed most of the nation's population with food produced within 50 miles. Those eye-popping findings delighted the "local food" movement. For Campbell, they underscore the importance of testing the viability of environmental initiatives that have captured the popular imagination.


Students witness Cape Town efforts on 'Day Zero'

Los Angeles Loyolan

Cape Town, South Africa, is quickly running out of water. After years of drought, the city is preparing its residents for “Day Zero,” the day that water will stop flowing from taps. Loyola Marymount University students studying there experienced how water was severely limited within households, and once the allotted amount was reached – the water would shut off.