Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015

Call for action

Valley residents make a desperate plea for more water

NorCal vs SoCal: Battle over Delta water intensifies. KXTV Sacramento

KXTV Sacramento

KFSN Fresno

Valley leaders headed to Sacramento on Wednesday to push state lawmakers to reverse a decision to cut back the flow of Delta water pumped south to local farms and communities. Everyone in the Valley is facing the major possibility of a fourth year of a devastating drought. With little snow in the Sierra and a lack of rain, local water districts are anticipating another extremely dry year for farmers.


6 innovations to cope with threat of megadrought

Washington Post

NASA is now predicting a "megadrought" as early as 2050 that might last 30 or more years. Such radical climate change would require radical innovation. With that in mind, here are some of the radical water technology innovations that may become more cost-effective and attractive by the time Dust Bowl II hits.


Stanford studies how best to fund water projects

Stanford University

A new analysis produced by Stanford's Water in the West Program provides a blueprint for overhauling the way California funds water infrastructure and innovation projects. The Stanford paper offers straightforward prescriptions, including a relatively small per-usage fee on customer utility bills.

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