Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015

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State eyes drought rules to curb 'galling' waste of water

Some proposals targeted businesses, such as requiring restaurants to only serve water on request. FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images

CBS News

CBS News

Officials are considering new water restrictions as California's drought drags on, possibly forcing residents to ask for water at restaurants. The State Water Resources Control Board floated the ideas at a hearing Tuesday as it considers extending and expanding mandatory water-use rules. For homeowners, new rules could include a ban on watering lawns during cold and rainy periods.


Valley farms face second year without river water

Fresno Bee

The next train wreck in California's drought is headed for the San Joaquin Valley this week when federal leaders forecast how much river water farmers can expect to irrigate nearly 3 million acres this summer. Most folks in farm country are expecting the same number as last year — zero for both east and west sides of the Valley.


New technology could answer state drought woes

Humboldt State University

Desalination has made headlines as a possible solution to the state's water shortage. But in addition to being expensive, its byproduct — salty brine — can harm marine life once it's reintroduced into the ocean. A research team is hoping to address those concerns with a new process called Reverse Osmosis-Pressure Retarded Osmosis.

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