Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2016


Initiative would switch rail funds to new water projects

Supporters believe the measure taps two politically powerful sentiments: growing public concern about the state’s future water supply amid a historic drought and increasing opposition to the high speed rail project, which is behind schedule and over budget. CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY


Los Angeles Times

The state’s agriculture industry and its political allies are gathering signatures for a November ballot initiative that would grab bond money earmarked for California’s bullet train and use it instead for new water projects. The initiative calls for the reallocation of about $8 billion in remaining rail system bonds approved by voters in 2008 and $2.7 billion previously approved for water storage under Proposition 1 in 2014.


Massive project will help clean Sacramento River

Capital Public Radio

Nearly a dozen sewage treatment plants dump wastewater into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Most treat water using the strictest standards possible under state law. The Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment plant does not, but improvements are under way to change that. The multi-stage upgrade is the largest public works project in the region's history.


Water Research Foundation celebrates 50th year

Water Research Foundation

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Water Research Foundation. First envisioned in 1955, the AWWA Research Foundation was officially incorporated on Dec. 5, 1966. In 1987, the subscription program for water utilities began, an innovation that has allowed WRF to become the industry leader in water research.

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