Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017

Wake-up call

Gov. Brown defends state's handling of Oroville crisis

The Oroville Dam crisis explained: What you need to know. JOHN BLANCHARD / San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle


Gov. Jerry Brown defended the state's handling of the Oroville Dam crisis as he waited to hear from the president on his request for direct federal assistance for the emergency. Brown also welcomed scrutiny after revelations in recent days that there had been warnings more than a decade ago about the troubled emergency spillway.


Illegal draining of water creates havoc for district

East Bay Times

The recent string of storms has led to saturated ground and standing water on Bethel Island, but residents illegally draining the excess water into the sewer system are wreaking havoc within the Ironhouse Sanitary District sewer collection and treatment systems.


Farmers hope Congress can deliver irrigation deal


The political terrain appears favorable for a mega-million-dollar irrigation drainage deal, with Congress still fully in Republican hands and California's sprawling Westlands Water District with influential allies. Legislation putting the drainage deal into effect could be introduced at any time.