Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018

7 water sins

Drought restrictions on wasteful water habits could be coming back — only this time they’ll be permanent

The new rules would outlaw, in perpetuity, 7 wasteful water practices. JOSHUA SUDOCK / San Gabriel Valley Tribune

SGV Tribune

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Anyone caught wasting water may be fined as much as $500 under new rules being considered by the state, officials said Monday. The State Water Resources Control Board is expected to adopt regulations Feb. 20 that would make it a crime to commit any of seven wasteful water practices. Those rules would take effect April 1.


Oroville-inspired bill will boost dam inspections

Sacramento Bee

On the anniversary of evacuations prompted by the near disaster at Oroville Dam, California lawmakers on Monday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a measure to tighten dam inspection standards. The bill requires the California Department of Water Resources to annually inspect the vast majority of the 1,249 dams it oversees.