Friday, Feb. 13, 2015


West, Plains may face worst dry spell in a millennium

Created by the Hoover Dam in 1934, Lake Mead is the largest human-made reservoir in North America, but it has not been at full capacity since 1983. White rim shows low lake level in December. WAYNE HSEIH/Flickr



California's drought, the worst in modern U.S. history, has ravaged the West for years, dwindling water supplies and withering crops. But scientists say that based on what's to come, the U.S. hasn't seen anything yet. An analysis released Thursday predicts that climate change will cause droughts in the Southwest and Great Plains that exceed any experienced in the last 1,000 years.


A model drought solution discovered in Cambria

KFSN Fresno

The drought has created crisis conditions for many areas across the state. But one community has found its own solution for a reliable water supply. The central coast community of Cambria is a vacation destination for many Valley families. And now it's also home to a facility some see as a model for dealing with the drought.


Salt water barriers may be coming soon to Delta

KTXL Sacramento

It may look like just a sleepy little slough 30 miles from the capital, but the Steamboat area in Courtland is a hotbed of worry — all about water and how salty it may become in the intensifying drought. The state is proposing three rock barriers to block salt flowing from San Francisco Bay into the Sacramento River.

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