Monday, Feb. 12, 2018

Benefits debate

Can new water storage projects secure state funding?

An aerial view of the proposed Sites reservoir near Maxwell. DWR


Water Deeply & Victorville Daily Press

An initial review by the California Water Commission slashed the "public benefits" claimed by project applicants, prompting outrage in some quarters. Others say the process is working exactly as voters intended. Proposition 1, which was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2014 to fund water projects through $7.5 billion in bonds, has become the source of a debate over whether it's moving ahead quickly enough.


Ventura is at 'epicenter' of drought, expert says

Ventura County Star

Record heat. Too little rainfall. A shrinking lake. None of those are new for Ventura County. Six years into a drought, unusually dry, warm weather has become routine. Then last week, things took another turn. Researchers said severe drought conditions were back throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.


Why state is freaking out over this invasive rodent

Sacramento Bee

A giant invasive swamp rodent has invaded the West Coast’s largest estuary. State biologists report that they’ve found nearly two dozen nutria, a South American aquatic rodent, since March in the Delta. The fear is that if the voracious, burrowing plant eaters set up a sustaining population it could mean bad news for the fragile Delta ecosystem and its network of levees.