Friday, Feb. 12, 2016

Supply boost

Torrance looks to double water treatment plant's output

Reverse osmosis vessels with 7 fiber membranes inside each that extract salt and minerals from the water that passes through them. Torrance's desalter has 66 vessels; that number will be doubled. TY WASHINHGTON / Water Replenishment District


KPCC Pasadena & Torrance Daily Breeze

In the midst of tough drought conditions, Southern California officials hope to double the output of Los Angeles County's largest plant dedicated to regularly desalting groundwater for home use. A $22.5 million project in Torrance also would cut the area's reliance on expensive imported water and boost the amount of groundwater storage to act as a greater buffer in times of drought.


Feinstein bill could signal a compromise in sight

Los Angeles Times & AgNet West

California's congressional delegation has long disagreed over how to respond to the state's water crisis, balancing protecting endangered species and preserving waterways against agricultural demand and drying wells. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said the water policy bill that she filed this week reflected two years of bipartisan meetings, consultation with federal, state and local groups, and discussions with farmers and environmentalists.


Fired Coastal Commission director speaks out

Los Angeles Times

The newly fired executive director of the California Coastal Commission said Thursday that commissioners have shifted in recent years to be more accommodating to coastal developers and to exert tighter control over day-to-day activities at the agency.

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