Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016

Third push

Sen. Feinstein tries yet again with California water bill; latest plan could permit more pumping for farmers

To provide short-term water supplies to drought-stricken California and provide for long-term investments in drought resiliency throughout the Western United States.

Fresno Bee & San Francisco Chronicle

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has relaunched a big California water bill — in what might be cast as the triumph of hope over experience. Amid record-high farm revenue and record-low salmon counts, Feinstein introduced legislation Wednesday that would make it easier to move more water from rivers to farms in the San Joaquin Valley.


Coastal Commission fires its popular director

Orange County Register & Los Angeles Times

Despite an outpouring of public support for the popular executive director of the California Coastal Commission, the politically appointed commissioners fired him late Wednesday. The panel voted 7 to 5 in a private session to dismiss Charles Lester, touching off an emotional scene unique in the agency's 44-year history.


Stanford outlines funding strategies for projects

Stanford University

A new report by a team of researchers at Stanford University offers a framework to fund water projects based on lessons learned from the energy sector. The report identifies financing tools and techniques from the electricity sector with potential to bridge the financing gap to next-generation water systems.

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