Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

A matter of money

Delta tunnels scaled back to a single tunnel — for now

The decision to downsize California WaterFix boils down to money. LOS ANGELES TIMES

L.A. Times

Stockton Record & San Francisco Chronicle

After months of speculation, Gov. Brown’s administration Wednesday made it official: the $16 billion Delta twin tunnels will be scaled back to a single tunnel. At least, initially. The state could add the second tunnel later if San Joaquin Valley farmers decide they want to chip in for the full cost. A single tunnel would come with a smaller price tag of $10.7 billion, according to the state. It would also carry just two-thirds as much water. Here's what agencies are saying.


Another drought? Experts answer your questions

Capital Public Radio

The lack of rain and snow in California has people wondering if we're headed into another drought. There’s less than 25 percent of the average amount of snow in the Sierra Nevada. That on its own could incite drought panic. To find out what the lack of precipitation means for the state, Capital Public Radio reached out to experts and social media.


New name for Pismo Beach recycled water project

San Luis Obispo Tribune

Pismo Beach’s long-anticipated recycled water project is going by a new name these days: Central Coast Blue. The project is a unified effort between multiple agencies that, once completed, will treat wastewater to be re-injected into the groundwater basin. This will give an additional source of drinking water, as well as help prevent seawater intrusion into Santa Maria groundwater basin.