Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

Gray's anatomy

Merced assemblyman proposes legislation to overhaul and simplify California's water management system

Gray's bill was inspired by a 2010 report published by the Little Hoover Commission. LITTLE HOOVER COMMISSION


Merced Sun-Star

After five years of punishing drought and the state's plan to allocate more irrigation water for fish, Assemblyman Adam Gray rolled out proposed legislation Monday to restructure the state's water management to improve communication and simplify the network of power. Gray, D-Merced, announced Assembly Bill 313, saying the drought revealed how broken the state's water management system is.


Delta legislators seek clout; others want storage

Stockton Record & Lodi News-Sentinel

Nine members of the state Senate and Assembly have launched an informal caucus which they say will improve their organization and influence with state agencies seeking to build the $15 billion Delta tunnels. Meanwhile, the Delta Counties Coalition is pushing for more water storage, saying the Delta is losing out on recent rainfall because there's nowhere to store it all.


With dam gone, Carmel River comes back to life

KQED San Francisco

San Clemente Dam was demolished in 2015 — the largest dam removal in California's history — after state and federal agencies decided it was too hazardous. Now, the Carmel River is flowing freely again, carrying sediment downstream that was trapped behind the 106-foot wall for almost a century.