Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016

No good deed

IRS wants to tax water-saving rebates offered in state

The federal government may tax people for water-saving efforts during the drought. KSBW Salinas


KSBW Salinas

The state and many local water districts offer rebates for water conservation efforts, and the Internal Revenue Service wants to tax those rebates. But California's congressional delegation is fighting back. Rep. Jared Huffman is moving forward with a bill to stop the IRS from taxing the rebate money.


Mosquitoes, Zika virus a concern for rain barrels

Whittier Daily News

Rain barrels have become a popular way for Southern Californians to conserve water amid the state's historic drought, but the rain collection devices have an unintended consequence: They've increased the number of breeding sources for mosquitoes.


State chairman calls for a breakdown of the CPUC

San Diego Union-Tribune

The California Public Utilities Commission would be broken apart with many of its duties distributed to other state agencies under a voter initiative proposed Wednesday by the new chairman of the state Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce.

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