Friday, Feb. 3, 2017

Bust to boom

Water, water everywhere & not enough space to store it

The south fork of the American River winds along highway 50 in the Sierras near Whitehall. MICHAEL MACOR / San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle

Sacramento Bee & KQED San Francisco

After five years of drought, could California really have so much rain and snow there's no room to store all the water? The answer is yes. One month into an exceptionally stormy 2017, river flows in the Delta have been so powerful that the massive pumps that ship water to Southern California and the Valley have roared at full throttle for weeks.


Work grows to restore meadows as water banks

Water Deeply

A new round of state grant funds will launch a number of projects to restore Sierra Nevada meadows for habitat and water supply. Luke Hunt, director of headwaters conservation at American Rivers, explains how momentum is building to tackle these projects.


Santa Cruz will attempt to tame San Lorenzo River

KSBW Salinas

The City of Santa Cruz has secured a half million dollars from the California Fish and Wildlife Department for what is hoped to be a permanent solution to prevent flooding by the San Lorenzo River at the river mouth. The city's solution is to install a 600-foot-long pipe buried in the river that will empty out into the ocean.