Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015

More with less

State looks at tighter water limits amid hopes for relief

House boats sit idle in the low water of Lake Oroville. LEAH MILLS/San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

California water officials are considering tightening restrictions on outdoor watering, even as they hold out hope that a series of storms later this week will provide some relief. Today, the State Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to discuss whether to go beyond the current statewide prohibitions on hosing down driveways and overwatering lawns, and enact additional limits on outdoor water use.


Obama budget plan includes state water projects


California gets its share, and then some, from the Obama administration’s $4 trillion budget proposal delivered Monday to a Republican-controlled Congress. There’s money for restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, funding for Central Valley flood control and dam improvements, as well as studies to protect the Natomas Basin, and upgrades to Folsom and Isabella dams.


Snow survey is more complex than just a photo op

San Jose Mercury News

As a thirsty state anxiously awaited the results of Thursday's snow survey, Frank Gehrke's crew drove some aluminum rods into the snow to measure how deep it was, then weighed the white powder to calculate its water content. But the photo op belies the complexity of the coordinated effort to size up the snowpack around the clock.

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