Friday, Feb. 2, 2018

'D' word returns

Sierra Nevada snow picture brightens, but is still just a fraction of normal; nearly half of state back in drought

Before and after: Measuring California's thin mountain snowpack. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

S.F. Chronicle

Sacramento Bee & San Francisco Chronicle

The last time officials conducted their snow survey near Echo Summit, the ground was practically barren. This time there was snow. Just not a lot of it. The T-shirt-wearing temperatures and lack of winter rain have combined to push nearly half of California into all-too-familiar territory: a state of drought. The plight is worst in Southern California: Los Angeles and San Diego have received less than 2 inches of rain since July.


Schools built before 2010 must test water for lead

KEYT Santa Barbara

Schools built before 2010 must test their drinking water for lead, California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson announced Thursday. In 2017, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 746, requiring community water systems to complete lead testing by July 1, 2019. “Cooperation with local water systems is critical to ensure proper testing,” Torlakson said.


East Valley Water District takes a historic step

Highland Community News

The East Valley Water District has taken the first historic step to improve the groundwater storage system in the Bunker Hill Basin. The district's board voted unanimously to support the formation of a Groundwater Council. Fifteen other water agencies, cities and assorted entities are scheduled to vote to create the governance document during the next two months.