Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

Drought retreat

Today's snow survey a reason to celebrate, experts say

John Paasch, chief of flood operations, and Frank Gehrke, chief of snow surveys, conduct a manual snow survey Jan. 3 at Phillips Station. DALE KOLKE / DWR


KPCC Pasadena

Roaring storms that brought California almost a year's worth of snow and rain in January should make water managers' Sierra snowpack survey today a celebration, marking this winter's dramatic retreat of the more than 5-year-old drought, experts say. This time last year, 95 percent of California was in drought, after the driest three-year stretch in the state's history.


State's climate policy depends on federal waivers

KQED San Francisco & UCLA Daily Bruin

California officials have discerned a chilling signal that the Trump administration may be willing to halt the state's unique authority to impose its own vehicle emission rules — a move that could undercut its pioneering effort to battle climate change. Meanwhile, UCLA researchers are anxious about the future of federal funding.


New valve boosts seismic safety for Sonoma lines

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Anyone who's ever labored over a lawn or garden irrigation line can appreciate Wednesday's installation of a new valve on a 36-inch Sonoma County Water Agency pipeline in downtown Santa Rosa. The work is part of an effort to keep drinking water flowing in the event of an earthquake.