Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

Arid trend

Drought returning? Sierra Nevada snowpack at 30%; forecast calls for 2 more weeks of warm, dry weather

California's rainy season well below average. BAY AREA NEWS GROUP

Bay Area News Group

Mercury News

Hampered by hot weather and a stubborn high-pressure ridge that has blocked winter storms, the Sierra Nevada snowpack Tuesday was a paltry 30 percent of normal. As the Department of Water Resources prepares to do its monthly manual snow reading Thursday at Echo Summit, with TV cameras in tow, the continued hot, dry winter weather is raising concerns.


For first time in 60 years, river salmon reproduce

Fresno Bee

As work to restore the San Joaquin River continues, scientists are seeing promising signs that salmon can thrive in the river as hatchery fish reach new milestones. For the first time in 60 years, spring-run Chinook have successfully reproduced in the embattled San Joaquin River.


Lessons learned: Data for water decision making

UC Berkeley School of Law

A new report supports California’s efforts to develop modern water data systems, arguing that simply providing more data is not enough. The report describes lessons learned from a process of stakeholder engagement focused on defining and clarifying uses of water data, and how knowledge of these uses can inform the development of water data systems.