Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

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Diverted river sustains wine country, but not salmon

The 130ft-tall Scott Dam on the Eel River, which stores water for year-round power production and irrigation. POTTER VALLEY IRRIGATION DISTRICT


Water Deeply

The Eel River was once home to one of the largest salmon populations on the West Coast. But for nearly a century, a large share of its flow has been diverted for hydroelectric power and irrigation. Much of the wine produced in Sonoma and Mendocino counties would not exist without that diverted river water. So it's no surprise that the prospect of ending water diversions is stirring concerns.


A battle over a U.S. brewery percolates in Mexicali

San Diego Union-Tribune

A major U.S. beer manufacturer’s decision to build a giant production plant in Baja California’s desert capital has been cause for much celebration in Gov. Francisco Vega de Lamadrid’s administration. But not everybody is applauding. The brewing company finds itself in the crossfire of a bitter dispute.


San Rafael selected as study city for sea-level rise

Marin Independent Journal

San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood has been selected as one of 10 Bay Area sites to receive attention from a phalanx of architects, urban planners and environmentalists as part of a competition to battle sea-level rise. The Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge seeks to address the vexing issue that threatens coastal communities.