Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

Sink or swim

California starts decisive year on Brown's water tunnels

A plan to restore the Delta by channeling water down south has long been a priority for Governor Jerry Brown's administration. CALIFORNIA NATURAL RESOURCES AGENCY


San Francisco Examiner

Thursday, state regulators launched into a year of pivotal decisions on Gov. Jerry Brown's quest to build two giant tunnels, a $17 billion project that would be one of the largest in decades in California. The 2016 calendar is full of federal and state hearings and reviews that are required to start digging. State regulators said they would announce a possible decision on the timing issue in the next week or two.


If Delta project doesn't break ground, it's toast

KXTV Sacramento

Despite its various names and strategies, the Delta twin tunnels project has been riddled with controversy since Brown first assumed office in the late '70s. There's two reasons why the project could be doomed if construction doesn't start this year.


Water risks growing; here's a tool to help prepare

National Geographic

Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, released its annual risk assessment, which looks across the spectrum of threats to society and ranks them. This year, it declared water crises to be the top global risk to society over the next decade. While no tool can serve as a crystal ball, this one helps remove some uncertainties by pinpointing areas at risk.

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