Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

Water leaders

Water Alliance reveals 2015 U.S. Water Prize winners

Pure Water San Diego

Pure Water San Diego

U.S. Water Alliance

The winners of the 2015 U.S. Water Prize have been announced: the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, Electric Power Research Institute of Palo Alto, and The Coca-Cola Co. of Atlanta. Pure Water San Diego is the city's 20-year program to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective drinking water supply, and has been recognized as a trailblazer for reservoir augmentation.


Water cutbacks on the horizon if snow stays stingy

KPCC Public Radio

On the eve of the January snowpack survey, water management officials said Southern California's largest water wholesaler may need to institute stricter water limits if winter precipitation does not improve. Next month, the Metropolitan Water District will consider the necessity of increasing alert levels to a water supply allocation.


Measuring snowpack more complex than it looks

Bay Area News Group

Frank Gehrke will lead a bevy of surveyors today to a predetermined spot on Echo Summit. His crew will drive aluminum rods into the snow to measure how deep it is, then weigh the white powder to calculate its water content. But the photo-op belies the complexity of the effort to size up the state’s snowpack around the clock.

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