Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

Navigating regs

Water diverters scramble to satisfy new reporting rules

Storage: E-reporting of reservoir storage and use required. Courtesy of Amy Steinfeld


Water Deeply

A crucial deadline passed quietly Jan. 1 that has big repercussions for the future of California's water. It was the first of several deadlines that enforce new requirements for water diverters to measure and report the amount of water they take from streams. About 12,000 people and businesses are bound by the new rules. Attorney Amy Steinfeld helps shed light on the complicated new rules.


San Diego water officials declare drought over

San Diego Union-Tribune

Water officials in San Diego County announced Thursday that the region's drought has ended. The San Diego County Water Authority made the announcement in an ongoing effort to convince regulators in Sacramento to lift emergency drought regulations on urban water districts throughout the state.


As drought fades, 'inland sea' roars back to life

Los Angeles Times

Most of the time, motorists driving on Interstate 80 between Davis and here look out on vast tracts of farms and wetlands. Now, drivers on the freeway pass over miles of water on their trek, making the interstate appear like long bridge over a wide lake. And that's exactly how engineers envisioned it when they built it about a century ago.