Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

Changing channels

State revives Delta barriers to fight seawater intrusion

Levees of the fragile Manteca area have been fortified by the Army Corps of Engineers. DAVE GATLEY/Wikimedia


San Jose Mercury News

The drought has spurred California to revive controversial plans to build rock dams across three Delta waterways to prevent seawater from degrading drinking water for 25 million people. The quality of state irrigation water for 750,000 acres of farms also is at risk. Monday, the state DWR said it will seek federal permits to install barriers if the water outlook is bleak enough.


Demystifying mist as a source of water supply

California Water Blog

In some of the world's driest places, atmospheric moisture is a major source of water. California's redwood forests derive a significant amount of their moisture from fog. Some drought-minded California residents along the coast, perhaps yearning for a clear ocean view, have suggested harvesting fog as a water supply.


Lessons from Australia's millennium drought

Maven's Notebook

In the late 1990s, Australia began experiencing severe drought conditions that stretched on for well over a decade. As California confronts potentially a drought that could last for years, what lessons can be learned from the Australian experience? A recent PPIC event discussed how the Australian government responded.

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