Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016

The road ahead

California faces growing water management challenges

This publication is part of a briefing kit that highlights our state's most pressing long-term policy challenges in 11 key areas. PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA


Public Policy Institute of California

Water management in California has always been difficult. Conflicts are growing between human water use and water needed to support fish and wildlife, among many other challenges. Solutions to these challenges are not easy, but they are achievable. They will involve difficult and sometimes costly trade-offs, as well as hard-to-achieve legal and political changes, according to a new PPIC report, California's Future.


DWR: 21 groundwater basins critically overdrafted

Maven's Notebook

The Department of Water Resources announced today that it has identified 21 groundwater basins and subbasins in which excessive groundwater pumping has resulted in significant overdraft. Overdraft impacts can include seawater intrusion and land subsidence, in addition to chronically lowered groundwater levels. As a result, those basins and subbasins fall under the earliest deadlines required by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.


A new financial tool to help utilities fight drought?

Circle of Blue

Cutting water use has resulted in undesirable consequences for many water utilities: Their costs remained relatively stable, but they were taking in less money. A university professor has proposed a new financial tool to deal with this problem: Insurance markets.

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